Richard Gobbie DMD, MDS
George Deme DMD, MDS



As an adult, I was not looking forward to the idea of having braces--especially since I'd had them when I was in my 20s. I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea, and the doctors thought that my best chance was to have reconstructive oral surgery on my lower jaw. The first step was to work with an orthodontist, and I am so happy that I was referred to Dr. Gobbie and his team. They worked with me and my oral surgeon every step of the way--sometimes literally holding my hand! I would never have made it without their help, and now thanks to them, I can breathe, eat and sleep like a normal person.

Thank you so much to Dr. Gobbie, Dr. Deme, Patti and Beth---You have given me so much to smile about!

Shannon O.

I was skeptical. I wasn’t a child or a teenager anymore. Maybe it was too late for orthodontic intervention. Also, how long would the treatment last? How much would it cost? How much would I suffer? I was very troubled. Then I met Dr. Deme and embarked on a longterm relationship. He was understanding, we both shared the same passion for achieving good results and pretty much everything else fell into place.

Health is necessary for one to enjoy life. And to express joy one must smile and laugh - what's more important than that?


Hi, my name is Barbara and I have been in orthodontic treatment with Dr. Deme for approximately 3 years. I knew I had to get braces but I wouldn’t commit myself. I had heard from numerous people that it was a painful experience and I was scared. On the other hand, I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror and wanted to change my appearance. So I started to look at the whole concept more optimistically. I was recommended to Dr. Deme by a friend of mine and decided to pay him a visit. From the very first moment we met I felt very comfortable and he was very thorough when explaining the treatment options. I trusted him, was no longer scared and I decided to start treatment. After each appointment I feel a slight discomfort but looking at the results in the mirror I immediately dismiss it. Now I can’t wait to see my beautiful smile without braces and I am very happy for the decision I made!


There are times in our lives when we are presented with some health issues whose treatment requires some serious decision-making. Each and every decision that entails a deferent route in tackling the issue has the potential to affect ourselves for the rest of our lives both in terms of our physical appearance but most importantly of our health.

I was once faced with one such dilemma, when I was diagnosed with large teeth that were crowded within a quite restricted jaw space. I immediately scrambled to get informed over the internet about the latest practices in orthodontic dentistry. That has proven to be quite an arsenal in my endeavor to find the best professional whom I would trust my health and appearance.

Many “professionals” whom I visited have proclaimed themselves to be the number one in their field, yet their suggested technics were quite outdated and in some rare instances even dangerous. The doctor to whom I would trust my health should always discuss but most importantly familiarize me with his suggested techniques and their aftermath.

Throughout my endeavor I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Deme, whose patient oriented approach to orthodontic dentistry did not only grab my attention but also set the stage to a successful result. As a United States graduate with a strong affiliation to the orthodontic community in the US, Dr. Deme never failed to present me with all the latest practices in dealing with my case. I was always introduced to each technique and option appropriate for my case in such a way to feel confident with my end decision. Within just a couple of appointments I felt confident enough to settle with one of his proposals. And the result, it literally speaks for itself.


My name is Maria G. and I am 54 years old. One year ago I was recommended to Dr. George Deme who helped me deal with an orthodontic problem that I had (Dental Deep Bite). Previously, I had various prosthodontic treatments performed to correct my bite without the desired results.

Meeting Dr. Deme up close, he assured me that my bite could be corrected despite my advanced age. I started treatment with him with the outmost trust and co-operation and without any hesitation I can admit that it was a short procedure, painless and without any discomfort until the desired result was achieved.

Maria G.

Hi, my name is Valilo. I am 14 years old and in a couple of months I’m getting my braces off. In the end, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My orthodontist, Dr. George Deme and his assistant Anastasia are exemplary professionals and made the whole treatment very pleasant. Overall, I suffered no more than a couple of hours of discomfort total, during my two years of treatment. My braces never interfered with my every day life nor did they make me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. And the end result? Amazing!


I put on my braces 4 years ago when I was 16. My biggest problem was my age. What I’ll never forget is the day I put them on and when I looked in the mirror I broke out in tears! Fortunately Dr. Deme and Anastasia were always on my side throughout the treatment comforting me. During the treatment I had a lot of questions. The doctor had given me a pamphlet with all the possible questions and answers one could have on orthodontics but nonetheless they were always willing to resolve any problem I had. The most important part of the treatment for me (as I found out later), were the retainers that are used to stabilize the teeth. I DID NOT wear them properly, my teeth got crooked and I had to wear braces again for 4-5 months! On the positive side, I got an awesome smile and I met two amazing people that I will never forget. Imagine that Dr. Deme’ influence on me was so great, that I have decided I want to become as good an orthodontist as he, in order to provide people with a beautiful smile.

Katerina S.

Before I got my braces, I was worried about whether or not my teeth would hurt every time I came to my orthodontist. I was also worried that I would have to wear a headgear. Instead, with the appliance that Dr. Deme attached to my palate, I never had to wear a headgear! The braces weren't that bad because the teeth were sensitive only 1-2 days after some of the appointments. Whenever I had an issue with wires, braces, etc., I could just come to the office and get it fixed no problem. Overall, the whole experience was very smooth and painless!

Kassie K.

When I found out that I would have to wear braces at the age of 17 the first thing that troubled me was the aesthetics. I figured that that all my classmates including my friends at school would make fun of me so I decided that the only solution was to quit smiling. Then Dr. Deme comforted me by showing pictures of adult patients with ceramic brackets and white wires and I was enthused as you could hardly see them.

Without a second thought I started treatment. The result…exactly like in the pictures! They were practically invisible. What made me feel even better was that those around me initially hadn't noticed that I was wearing braces and that made me feel more comfortable, talking, smiling and laughing and just acting like myself. As the months went by, I started noticing the changes in my teeth, and I was anxious to see my perfect smile completed. When my braces were removed, I wore a clear retainer to maintain my teeth in their final position, which was also unnoticeable.

What I will take with me from this experience is that I acquired a beautiful smile without any particular sacrifices!