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Richard Gobbie DMD, MDS
George Deme DMD, MDS

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For over 27 years, Dr. Richard Gobbie has strived to provide the best orthodontic care to the Pittsburgh community. With the addition of his partner, Dr. George Deme, they now bring a combined 50 years of experience correcting orthodontic problems to the communities that they serve. Their offices are known for providing quality orthodontic care in a very personalized manner. They pride themselves in treating all of their patients individually. All care is performed by the doctors and not delegated to assistants or staff, insuring that our patients receive the attention to detail that is crucial in orthodontic treatment. We continually work to present the best orthodontic care possible in a modern environment, at affordable prices and convenient hours for you and your family.

Contact our office to make an appointment for a complimentary evaluation for you or your child. We would be happy to evaluate your case and discuss your treatment options in person. Whether it is your first orthodontic evaluation or a second opinion, here at Pittsburgh Orthodontic Group, we are eager to show you why…

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